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Requirements for day care enrollment with FSC include a physical for the child within 60 days of enrollment. We will also conduct an assessment of children every six months. Based on this assessment, we structure the lesson plan around the children's needs. We can also give you a discreet referral to a specialist if your child's scores are lower than expected.

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What You Get with Registration

FSC uses a creative curriculum aligned with Pennsylvania early learning standards. If you'd like your child to benefit from this personalized educational approach, sign up today. Not only do we offer a convenient solution for child care, but we also look after your child's health. Once a year, we even have experts come in to conduct eye screenings with permission of parents. The initial day care registration is $50 per family and requires a commitment of at least three days a week, with daily costs as follows:

  • Infants — $52.00 per Day
  • One-Year-Olds — $49.00 per Day
  • Two-Year-Olds — $47.00 per Day
  • Preschoolers — $44.00 per Day
  • School Age — $30.00 per Day ($37.00 When There Is No School)

Rates are effective 04/05/2021
If payment is not made at drop off the first day your child attends for the week, there will be a $15.00 late payment fee assessed for that week.

Camp for Those Older Than Three

Our summer camp program for kids three and older is open to any child who is potty trained. The tuition for summer camp is a separate fee a year. We take a field trip every week to locations like Hershey's Park and Chocolate Factory, sports complexes, zoos, aquariums, rock climbing, and Dutch Wonderland to end the summer camp season. Field trips normally fall on Wednesdays.

FSC also does fundraisers to help parents save money to pay for summer camps. All that you have to cover is any difference. We also provide all of the transportation and meals during summer camp. All camping activities are done within the same hours as our normal business operations.

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