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Age Groups

Caring for Children from Six Weeks to 12 Years of Age

FSC wants your babies and toddlers to be ready for school, and your school-aged kids to exceed every expectation in the classroom. Our staff in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, has a formal education in child care, and some of us have even taught in the area's school districts. We keep a physician assistant on-site as well. This is the only day care you need for everything from infant care to watching after 12-year-olds.

Baby Playing With Toys

Six Weeks to One Year

We base our care for these young students on individual needs. Naturally, we stay on top of feedings and diaper changes, but also give them the love and nurturing they need in this young developmental stage. If your child has specific medical needs, we are happy to cater to them. We provide food and baby cereal, but parents must provide any formula or breast milk. Diapers can also be provided by us but require an additional charge (50 to 75 cents per diaper).

Your child will have his or her own crib and space for personal items, and all of our cribs are secure with a blanket and no bumper pads or sliding sides. We can also provide age-appropriate toys, music, books, and learning materials. At the end of the day, FSC sends a report home showing feeding times, sleeping times, diaper changing times, and any activities in which they took part that day.

Toddlers (12 Months to 36 Months)

We provide breakfast, lunch, snacks, supper, and evening snacks for toddlers (menus posted regularly). If your child has dietary restrictions or allergies, speak with us about meal customizations. We simply need a medical form to keep on file.

We strive to keep these students on a routine, with regular activities and play time age-appropriate toys (no choking hazards). Weather permitting, we also spend some time outside. Generally, we only go outside if the temperature is between 25 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

At the end of the day, we send a report home that includes what they ate, when they napped, and any diaper changes or activities. Once they are ready for potty training, we can help with that as well, but we must have the parents support with at-home training.

Toddlers With Their Teacher

Children on Their Graduation

Preschool (Three Years to the First Day of Kindergarten)

This age group focuses on preparing for kindergarten. We teach everything they need to know, including letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. Activities will become more involved as we focus on math and science. We also teach responsibilities like cleaning up messes and how to problem solve. The staff will award your child for helping the teachers and other good behavior. Other areas of development include feeding themselves, manners, sharing, and emotional and linguistic development. Ask about having your own learning or behavior specialist come to our faculty for additional work with your child.

Kindergarten Students to 12-Year-Olds

FSC can provide transportation to and from local schools within a one-mile radius of the facility. The price is just $20 a month, per school and family. Please call us if your child's school is within this range for transportation. We have the vans needed for student transport, and they are all inspected for safety.

In the morning, your child will have breakfast with us before being taken to school. After school, they can also get a snack, homework help, and free time for activities before going home. Students can play outside or try our educational computer games indoors. We also provide all-day care when school is not in session, with a small amount added to the normal fee.

Children Doing Their Art Works

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